Happy Hips Yogassage Workshop

Do you suffer from tight hips? Are you stuck at a desk, in a car, or are your legs tired and overworked from running or physical activity?

Join Alissa Blais in this 2 hour workshop to gain more stability, mobility and flexibility in your hips and lower body. Find ROLL-ief For Unhappy Hips, Legs and Feet. We will explore movement in the hips, legs and feet, excavate tension using myo-fascial release techniques with Yoga Tune Up Therapy balls, address tight and underused areas using corrective exercises and restorative hip opening postures leaving your hips feeling happy and your entire body feeling refreshed.
Workshop is suitable for all levels and abilities.


Mommy and Me: Mother’s Day Mini Yoga Retreat

This day is for you and for all the other selfless mothers out there that deserve to feel loved and be loved.
Bring your baby and enjoy an afternoon of yoga, spa facial, empowering discussions, nutritious meals, self care and more…

You will leave renewed, nourished, and inspired to continue your journey in motherhood.
Come Love yourself. Take rest. Take care of yourself. Honor your soul. Nurture your body from the inside out and the outside in.




Join Alissa Blais in this 8 week adventure series on reconnecting to your true self after having baby. The spring is a beautiful time to get outside with your baby, with the budding of new life and the warmer days. Let’s explore the outdoors together with inspirational hikes (weather permitting), yoga, exercise, self care, health and wellness strategies, goal setting, nutrition, meal prep and finding balance. Join this small community of mom’s looking for more: needing help or advice, wanting to feel connected and a sense of belonging and community or you simply want to feel better. This is the time to take care of not only your baby but also love yourself so you can continue to be the amazing women, rollmodels, mothers, lovers, friends, partners and rockstars that you are. For mom’s of all ages, children are welcome to attend all classes. Space is limited.



Calm Your Mind.  Nourish Your Body.  Ignite Your Spirit.

Grab a friend or two, or come and meet this amazing group of women and share some time and space together. Enjoy this beautiful season with us on the water, with daily Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboarding, evening bon fires, inspirational talks and self reflection time. Plus this inclusive women’s retreat includes:
– daily yoga and meditation
– standup paddleboarding and SUP yoga
– shared luxury cottage accomodations
– delicious vegan meals provided
– Empowerment Workshops

Just the weekend of inspiration that you need.  Sign Up Here.

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