First of all, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas for tomorrow, and I truly hope that you have a lovely day spent with your family.

If you are anything like me, your day will be filled with LOTS of food (and possibly alcohol), which we all know makes us feel bloated, exhausted and even a little low.

I often get asked what to do after you overeat (or binge).
SO, I’m going to give you some tips on how to get back to feeling great again!


First of all, get rid of any guilty feelings you might have. You shouldn’t feel guilty about eating anything – ever. This can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food and we don’t want that. So please stop it and whatever it is that you put in your body – love on yourself even harder afterwards.

To be honest, this happens to everyone, and it is OK to overeat. It’s not the end of the world. You didn’t ruin all of your hard work. This is just a natural part of living. So enjoy the times that you get to eat without worrying about a diet or counting calories.


I know it can feel like you need to go to extreme measures and go on a liquid diet or spend hours doing cardio. But these extreme habits aren’t healthy. Lets stop with beating yourself up from enjoying our day and meals and get back into loving yourself instead. As tempting as it can be, doing these things won’t really make much difference to your health or appearance in the long run. And if you do these things for a long period of time, they can even cause damage to your metabolism and make it harder to lose weight.

Kicking off your day with a morning workout has some really great benefits. The workout is over and done with. The later you leave it, the more likely you are to make up an excuse not to do your workout. This can’t happen if it’s already done!
It’s been scientifically proven that you make better food choices throughout the day if you have done a workout in the morning 🙂
Your morning workout doesn’t have to be something extreme – any exercise is great. Get out for a family walk, book in a class or even do a quick full body workout from home. Anything that get you moving and a little bit sweaty.

When you have over eaten your digestion may need some help. Try adding in a probiotic to increase the healthy bacteria in your gut. When we eat processed foods and foods high in sugar – this continues to feed harmful bacteria in your gut – which may keep you eating the crappy food. Taking a daily probiotic supplement can provide healthy gut bacteria into your gut – and can help you make better food choices. Try my favourite probiotic here.
When you are feeling stuffed or have eaten foods that are harder for your body to digest, taking a digestive enzyme can help. They specifically have enzymes that will help you break down protein, carbs, fast, dairy etc and if you have eaten too much of any of these can aid the digestion of these foods.
Try my favourite digestive enzyme here.
Whenever I’ve had a big day of eating, I don’t feel very hungry the next day. Eating a bit less the next day is probably what your body needs (without being extreme of course). You’ve likely had more calories in your Christmas meal than your body needs so intermittent fasting may be just what your body needs. Intermittent fasting is taking the time you would normally eat and reducing your eating hours. I have found the easiest way to do intermittent fasting is to fast for 16 hours and eat within an 8 hour window. For example, eat between the hours of 12pm (lunch) and 8pm, and fast in the morning. This would simply mean skipping breakfast (which might not be too difficult if you wake up feeling super full from the day before). This is intentional – you are not starving yourself, and I wouldnt recommend doing this if you are breast feeding or have any other health issues. (Of course always speak to your doctor first).
Intermittent fasting often leads to reducing your overall calorie intake and giving your body a chance to have a break from digestion. However you dont want to do this long term or you may slow down your metabolism. Intermittent fasting works best if you have 2 main meals and avoid snacks all together. So have a healthy and filling lunch and dinner, and try to avoid pigging out on snacks (the snacks are usually where all the calories are anyway!). IF you have any more questions about fasting and want to safely give it a try – let me know and I can help. Book a free strategy call here and see if intermittent fasting is right for you.

Get back into a normal eating and exercise routine as quickly as possible.Being in a routine makes it easier to get back in the zone mentally. If your mind is not in it, then you just won’t have the willpower to exercise and say no to those unhealthy snacks. Over the holidays schedule in your workouts or how you plan to be active and plan out your meals. Even though you may be on holidays, continuing with a healthy eating and workout routine will keep you on track to your goals and feeling your best.

When our bodies are completely relaxed they go into what is called rest and digest mode. This will help you digest the extra meals you have eaten and reduce overall stress in your body which will help your metabolism, your weight loss efforts. This is a little trick I use after I have over eaten and in times of stress. And no this doesn’t just mean sitting on the couch watching your favourite Christmas move. Intentionally resting and meditating allows our bodies to receive that deep healing rest which has so many benefits.

Remember – its ok to enjoy your holidays, just as its ok to get back into a routine while you are on them.

The best gift you can give yourself this holiday is loving on yourself.

You deserve it!

Take care of you mama!

Happy Holidays and good Health Now and through the New Year.

Yours in Momstrength, Alissa xo