Is it just me or is this time of year always really hard to get a decent night sleep???  

I can honestly say that with ​​shortened daylight hours and being inside more, it has planned a toll on my energy levels.  

We all know that ​a healthy diet and regular exercise helps our energy, and taking a vitamin d supplement and a boost of vitamin c can also help. 

​​But sometimes its easier said then done, especially on days we are walking around like  a zombie.

I’m just getting through a 10 day window of each of my kids getting sick.  Being up all night with coughs, high fevers and cuddles is never easy.

​​While I’ve managed to stay healthy.  I have been seriously lacking in the sleep department.

Want to know how I find the energy to get through the day and get in a workout?  Yup. It even works on days you are lacking sleep!

Here’s a simple trick I use to help me get through the day and even find the energy to fit in a workout.

So if you are still getting up multiple times per night with the kids and feeling like you are running on empty, there is something you can do about it!!!

​​Try this simple way throughout your day, and see how you feel? And no its not drinking copious amounts of coffee!

Watch This No Sleep Trick Here.

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Good news, it’s free and pure magic! 

​So on those days you are so tired, you can find the energy deep within you. To make better choices, to crush a workout, and burn more fat! ​​

Yours in Momstrength,​


PS. If you have gone through a bout of sickness in your house sending you well wishes for a healthy holiday!​