Its Easter weekend and if you are like me are excited for Easter egg hunts, family get togethers, chocolate and big family meals.

First off, I truely believe that holidays, birthdays and special occasions are best if celebrated without the guilt.  Having 1 chocolate Easter Bunny is not going to ruin all of your best efforts so let’s put the scale away and enjoy ourselves. I have also had many occasions where I have just felt so tired, bloated and then guilty about the foods and drinks I’ve had that it takes longer to get on track afterwards.  

So, if you have been working hard on your goals and want an easy way to have some balance even over a 4 day holiday, and still feel and look your best, below are some tips to staying on track this Easter.  I shared these tips and more this week inside our private tribe. Watch the full details here.

Try one or all of these tips and you’ll feel much better going into your week.

1 – Plan Ahead

You know that there will be parties, temptations and lots of chocolate this weekend.  You can plan ahead a few ways by making a decision to be more aware of what you are going to eat, when you are full, and deciding that you will splurge and enjoy grandma’s favourite pie.  Making a decision that you are going to stay on track without the guilt even before you head into a holiday party. Put on a nice outfit (instead of your stretchy pants), you deserve it mama, and you will likely eat less than you would have if you wore them.

2 – Bring The Veggies

Most family celebrations have lots of meat, potatoes, pies, sweets and treats (at least they do at my get togethers).  While I love all of those things, our body will feel better if we add in some nutrient dense foods. So bring the veggies.  Bring a tray of veggies, a side serving of greens like beans, brussel sprouts or broccoli or a big salad. Having veggies around the party are the healthiest option you can snack on.  Fill your plate with veggies first and you will less likely over eat some of the high calorie and filling options. Start with the veggies, add the protein to your plate and you’ll likely feel better throughout the party and the next day.

3 – Drink Your Water

Before you go to the party. Drink a glass of water. Before you get into the special drinks and empty calories, have another glass of water.  Drink a glass or two before you start eating. Filling up on both water and veggies, will have you eating less high calorie foods. You’ll feel less bloated, and your waistline will thank you. Hydrate before and after. Your body will thank you.

4 – Eat Mindfully

Really simple tip but often forgotten.  You’ll eat less and really enjoy your food plus feel less bloated if you eat mindfully.  Slow down and chew your food. Take breaks between bites and engage in conversation. We love having big family meals and talking about the best part of our day, or ask engaging questions like : If you were stranded on a desert island what are the 3 things you would bring?  If you could be an animal, what would you be? Favourite place in the entire world and why? So slow down, pay attention and your waist line will thank you. Plus you’ll have a really great time connecting over a deliscious meal. This tip is key if you are someone who struggles with portion control.

5 – Eat Light Before The Party

If you know there are going to be all of your favourite foods at the party and its hard for you to resist your holiday favourites, eat less before the party.  Have a light lunch, drink a green smoothie, have a small soup. Eating light before the party, while allow for more calories at the big meal. Part of feeling light and less bloated comes with having less calories. Now I’m not one for counting calories or measuring foods. But eat less on days you know you are going to be eating more. You’ll less likely to gain that extra 5 lbs, feel uncomfortable in your clothes and feel sluggish

6 – Get Up And Move

We all now that turkey and all the fixings makes us tired.  So try adding in some movement over the weekend. Do a quick workout before the party, go for a family hike, create an epic Easter egg hunt for the kids, put on your favourite tunes and dance.  Movement will instantly help you feel better, and you’ll likely make better decisions for your body because you move.

Squeeze in this full body workout this weekend.

And remember what ever happens this weekend. Don’t beat yourself up.  You deserve a break, enjoy some time, have a few extra calories is all part of living your best and healthiest life!

Have a treat, celebrate, enjoy the family time and get back on track!

Happy Easter Mamas!