There are so many changes that happen to our bodies after babies.

Stretched skin, weak core and pelvic floor, back pain and The scar tissue from your C-SECTION may be creating additional weakness, pain and discomfort in your body.

When our tissues heal after a surgery, our bodies create thicker adhesions or fibrous tissue, (think of a really thick and wound cobweb). Over time these adhesions can create tension, pain and limit movement anywhere along the kinetic chain and even for our other systems.

Fibrous connective tissue after a c-section or any birth for that matter could cause:

💜Back pain
💜Pelvic floor weakness
💜Scar tissue
💜Belly bulge
💜Digestive issues
💜Gas, bloating, constipation
💜Painful Sex
💜Painful Periods
💜Difficulty relaxing
💜Future infertility

In order to restore your core after kids it’s important to note only strengthen the core but to give it some TLC.

Abdominal massage is a great way to break down the scar tissue from our c-section or any surgery for that matter.

Try this series of exercises, after your incision has healed. The focus is on deep breathing into the tissues to create a sense of relaxation over your entire body. Place the ball right against your skin for better connection and release.

💆‍♀️Skin massage including twisting and rolling 3 min (safe post partum)

💆‍♀️Prone abdominal breathing and massage 3 min (ideally after c-section has healed)

💆‍♀️Prone lower abdominal breathing and massage (after c-section has healed)

💆‍♀️Prone upper abdominal breathing and mobility (3min). When I take the time in my busy life to add these exercises into my training, I’ve noticed a difference in ongoing stress (tummy knots), improving back stiffness, reducing the belly bulge and helping with digestive health which changed after I had kids.

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These simple and effective exercises make a big difference in my posture, my fitness performance and my pooping when I do them regularly 🤪

Want to learn how to do these techniques? 
Join my Restore Your Core workshop on Wednesday May 8th from 10-12pm The Institute of Sport Performance Barrie – Newmarket or do them from the comfort of your home from the Be Mom Strong Training Academy.