From a young age, I was always trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I went to school -> got a job -> met the man of my dreams -> bought a house -> had kids.

While I was pregnant I started to re-evaluate my life and what my priorities were.

We picked up our lives, moved across the province and started a training facility for active people called Blais Performance and Wellness in Barrie ON.

We finally did it. We started our dream careers on what we were most passionate about. We coached young athletes and active adults on performing their best in sport and life.

But, our new baby and business baby were playing a toll on my health.  Long hours, stress, limited funds and minimal support.  I was a hot mess and my anxiety was creeping up.  I wanted so badly for the business to be successful, but raising a family at the same time was challenging with limited support.

My health suffered because I put everything and everyone else first.

I was embarrassed of my weight, had very little energy, was losing motivation for anything and didn't sleep enough.

It wasn't until the stress affected my body so much that I would cry in the closet from anxiety and my childhood eczema came back so bad I couldn't wash my hands or bathe my child without them bleeding in agony. 

Something had to be done. This was my wake up call. 

I realized that I needed to take back control of my health.

I made the decision to take care of me. Why is this so hard for women?

I leaned on my background in health and fitness and extensive research to help guide me on a better path.  Becoming healthy again while running a business and having children was not easy.

I became my own client.  I dropped my excuses and determined what was holding me back. I realized that my mindset needed to change and I needed to shift my daily habits.

I found new ways to move my body and unstuck myself.  I leaned on my knowledge of nutrition and research and discovered a healthier way of eating that energized the body, balanced my hormones, help with fat loss and kept my brain sharp.  I realized unwanted weight and found some new hobbies in mountain biking and paddle boarding.

I finally felt strong, confident and healthy.

Along my journey, I found smarter ways to take care of myself, without gimmicks or crazy diets.  I could now continue to run our business and take care of my kids with ease.  I focused on keystone habits that would create the biggest impact, and it didn't take long before I felt in good health.

​After being my own guinea pig, I took my training and experience and began to work with other moms wanting to get back into shape after baby.

Who would have thought that my methods were helping these women find new meaning and motivation in their lives, and from my inspiration, they started their own businesses along the way.

It wasn't long till more ambitious, career driven women began to work with me.  I could relate to them with my own struggles.  I understood they needed a realistic and sustainable approach.  I realized that they were not in this alone but were managing families and trying to build successful businesses at the same time.  It wasn't before long that I had built a successful business helping women become the strongest, fittest and healthiest version of themselves.  And it showed up in their life and business.

In 2019 I started the Boss Strong Mastermind.  a collective of driven and ambitious women who are growing their business, taking back their health and fitness, and designing a life they love. 

I began to create systems and tools for these women to look, feel and show up as their best every day. Our lady tribe continues to meet weekly and empower each other on their road to success.

I finally feel like I have found my place and who I want to be.  Empowering women to create high performance habits  to show up as their best self every day.

I want this for you too!



I know you are just like me, passionate about what you do and the lives you change.

You see yourself doing BIG, incredible things in this world!

Let’s get real, it isn’t easy to prioritize yourself  with a business and kids.

You are so busy multi tasking.  It is hard to make healthy eating choices when you are exhausted, and it is even harder to find motivation to exercise.  I know first hand  that when we try and do it all, eventually something breaks.

We are left feeling tired, overwhelmed, frustrated and go about our daily responsibilities without joy, love, or connection.

Don't give up on your dream!

This is where we come in, taking away all that confusion by creating clear steps for you to take, as you regain your zest for life and build a business and life you love.

I help women, just like you and I, who understand the importance of balancing family, their health, work and passions, have it all!

                                                                                                                                   - ALISSA