We all know that Nutrition is about 80% of your health and fitness results but its never a 1 size all approach.  

📅Every moms schedule looks different, every moms goals are unique.  Every ones bodies have specific and individual needs.  Everyone starts at a different place and makes changes at their own pace. 

I remember when I started my healthy eating journey after kids I felt overwhelmed by all of the diets out there, all of the conflicting information, and really had no idea what to do.  So instead I would just make my meals on a whim every night, snack off of my kids plates and continue to be at the same weight and energy levels. 

Then I did some research for myself, listened to what felt right for my body and found a strategy that could work for me.  I personally did not want to count calories, weigh my food OR spend hours in the kitchen.  And it worked.  The weight started to fall off and I began to have more energy.  I began to get more creative in the kitchen and had myself a plan for success.

I started to share this strategy with my clients and began to make healthier changes in their every day lives. 

Now because all of our lifestyles and schedules ARE different.  This is not a one size all approach.  We are all unique and what works for some, may not work for others.  Some moms work from home, others are at the office, some spend their days with their littles.  Our awake hours are different and so are our taste buds!

But, the good news is we can all be successful in our own way, with our own time, with careful planning, the right strategy and the tools to help you succeed.  You can still ensure healthy eating success even with the business of days.

🥗🍖🍝What that looks like for you may be different than another family. 

If you are wondering what the different options are for healthy eating success check out all the options HERE.

Which plan works best for you???  And maybe its a combination of these plans. 

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